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5 reasons your business needs policies and procedures

Whether your organisation is big or small, developing formal processes and policies will help it run more efficiently and smoothly. Having the appropriate documentation in place, helps communicate your values and vision, while ensuring your employees know exactly what is expected from them – all while you remain compliant with the relevant legislation.

Here’s 5 quick reasons why it’s important that you have policies and procedures in place for your business.

Ensure compliance with the law

Policies and procedures that are regularly reviewed and updated will help ensure your business is meeting its obligations at law. For instance, having a clear annual leave policy in place helps to prove that your business is compliant with the law should any issues arise.

Help defend against employee claims

Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Nobody wants to think of the worst, but it’s important to plan properly. Disputes can and will arise, and when they do, having clear documented policies and processes in place helps limit the damage. Ensuring things like, health and safety, workplace equality, annual leave and privacy policies are in place will not only help ensure your business remains compliant, but can also help prevent any damage if claims or court cases arise.

Clear expectations

Policies and procedures enable you to outline your company’s values and mission. They will set standards of behaviour, conduct and performance.

As a result, policies and procedures clearly define and set the expectations for employees and provide a source of reference for employees to be able to review and check if they are meeting those expectations.

Keep you and your business accountable

In addition to setting expectations for employees, policies and procedures also set standards for you as a business owner.

They provide guidance to managers and senior staff on how they are to conduct themselves and the standards they will be held to, but also provides transparency to the rest of the workforce as they can see the standards expected of their managers and what they can in turn expect from the business as a whole.

Lets employees know where to turn for help

Policy and procedures should have a point of contact for queries relating to that policy so employees know who they can contact with questions. They will also set out the processes and options available for how any grievance can be addressed in the workplace.

About Brumpton and Brumpton

Located in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Brumpton and Brumpton provide Policy and Procedure writing services to businesses of all sizes. Our diverse team of experts all bring a different skill set to the table, meaning we're able to provide a range of expert capabilities to our customers.

With over 12 years of experience in writing policies and supporting documentation, we will work with you to understand your needs and put the right policies and processes in place to give your company additional stability and make it clear how you want to operate.


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